Salmon Pancakes and a lesson in the importance of sustainably sourced Salmon


In honour of Pancake Day (and just because they’re delish)…

For a vegan option I also substitute with chickpeas, in can form.

I always cook with Wild Salmon, as there is an increasing body of evidence proving that farmed Salmon is actually quite toxic, due to the changes to feeds, high levels of antibiotics, potential disease that they carry and also high levels of dioxins. Please read below recipe for further information.


1 can Wild Caught Salmon (Chickpea substitute for vegan recipe)

2/4 cup of Oats

1tbsp Semolina

1/3 cup Buckwheat Flour

2 cloves Garlic

1/4 cup Parmesan (vegan cheese substitute)

Pepper to taste

2 Eggs (vegan substitute 3 tablespoons cornflour)


With food processor: combine all ingredients in food processor and process for 4 min

Without food processor: finely chop garlic, add to salmon, eggs, flour, oats, semolina and cheese (grated), mix well to combine – you will need to mash mixture with potato masher.

Chickpeas will need to be blended prior, for vegan recipe.

Add oil to a frypan and turn to medium heat, once warm add a large tablespoon of mixture and fry for 2min or until golden brown, then flip and repeat.

Serve with greek yogurt, coriander and mint or a fresh salad.

More information on farmed salmon:

Dioxins are of particular concern, as when consumed in high levels they have many side effects, including changes to cognitive behaviour, elevated risk of endometriosis, elevated risk of cancer due to being carcinogenic, altered endocrine function and poses a great risk to the developing foetus.

Below is a link to one of the important studies published on PubMed.!po=37.0690


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