Not all days are easy, but that’s ok. 

Today was a tough day. I slept for less than 5 hours last night and my little love was suffering with some tummy pain all day. Crying, crying, crying. We were both suffering!

No naps today. Few feeds, which only aggravates her tummy pain more. Of course it’s frustrating to know this, but what can I do?

I am not a patient person. My level of tolerance for adults and honestly, other children, is extremely low. If her father so much as puts a glass upside down in the cupboard I get so irritated that I have to mention it. I’m particular. I don’t like not being heard. I don’t like repeating myself. But, I am forgiving and I’m self aware enough to know that it’s me not him. Still, what can I do?

I’m used to pressure, perfection, precision.

Not with her, though. With my little love I am happy to clean up mess. The messier the better! I am happy to watch her learn and make mistakes. I am in awe of her curiosity and her defiance, at times. I love when she ignores me and I have to work to make her giggle. She’s stingy with her giggles. I repeat myself all day, smiling, with love.

My little love is perfection.

Finally, at 8pm she fell asleep and it was in the silence that I felt a peace but also a longing to cuddle her and to let her know that no matter how many hard days we have I will be there, smiling, with arms open and waiting for cuddles.

To have her rest her little chin on my shoulder, to show her comfort and reassure her that everything will always be ok.

But, more than anything, it’s that little chin resting on my shoulder that reminds me that, even in the chaos, everything will always be ok. ❤

Hmm. I think I’ll wake her up. #mumlife


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