That’s Amore ❤️ 

This week my big love and I celebrated our anniversary. 

It’s been several years filled with travel and a beautiful friendship, with a lot of fighting and arguing but always the desire to make things work. 

It got me thinking about how lucky I am, that I have found someone that supports me in my goals and dreams, that I am in an argument with one second and then discussing the communication methods  of ants the next. 

A man who makes me smile when I am furious, who makes me roll my eyes a hundred times a day.

Someone, who often tells me no, unwittingly grounding my new ideas to a halt, always to my benefit. Who keeps me grounded and stable, always plucking my head from the clouds. 

You see, before him I was a butterfly. Always fluttering through the world, with no fear of the wind taking me on a beautiful journey to who knows where. Lost in my own dreams and desires to find solace and happiness, never seeing happiness in my present. Looking, searching, wishing for greener pastures. 

I was tired, I was stressed, I drank too much, I spent too much money, I threw myself into crazy exercise regimes. 

I had a wonderful, prestigious career, which was never enough because I needed constant movement, static. Then instantly my world became insular, I began to look within my present for my happiness and appreciate the things in front of me and life was beautiful. 

Now, with a beautiful and healthy daughter, our greatest achievement, we see even more that we can appreciate the small things together. Five minutes of peace to sit and cuddle, an hour at night to watch our favourite TV series, a walk in the park with Baby and the dog. 

I realised that I am so lucky, to have found someone that makes me look at the world with the rose coloured glasses that it deserves, that makes me happy with exactly what we have. A man who inspires me to improve myself in little ways, but appreciates the core of who I am as a person and lifts me up. A man that looks in front of himself and always likes what he sees, who takes the best from a situation and is grateful. 

Caroline Myss said: People suffer when they pursue a life or chase a dream that doesn’t belong to them.

So, I am ever grateful that I have found a life that is finally mine. 

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