Cyclone Ready

This weekend we are bracing ourselves for Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

I really couldn’t imagine, 18 months ago, from the comfort of my Bondi Beach apartment, that I would be buying LED lamps, water tanks and water sanitiser in preparation for major flooding and general destruction… with a baby in tow.

At first I felt infuriated that I would be readying  myself for potential catastrophe and felt certain that I should immediately pack all of my belongings and go home to Sydney, leaving my partner, who will be safely tucked away in the storm proof hospital. 

All of my years of hard work would seemingly be destroyed – beautiful furniture and two closets full of Burberry Runway clothing, shoes and limited edition handbags would certainly not survive a flood… The only symbols of my old life that I had left. 

Then I became more aware of the repercussions. 

The fear of losing my things became irrelevant. Could I really leave my partner? Even temporarily? Could I leave my dog? My cats? Of course not.

My preparation began this morning, unplugging appliances, packing away precious items and electronics, moving outdoor furniture and clearing away loose items that could turn into deadly missiles during the gale force winds. 

Buying water and canned food and batteries. 

Now, I feel ready to stay and protect my family, the duty of any mother. 

I feel ready to face the storm, which hopefully will pass without too much destruction. 

I feel ready to live on the 25 packets of Natural Confectionary lollies that I bought, happily.

I feel ready to leave all of my belongings and evacuate, if I have to, because all that represents my hard work is far more meaningful than a pair of Fendi shoes. 

Wishing all of the people in Far North Queensland the very best this weekend, stay safe.